Pension actuary

The pension actuary has to periodically audit the financial security of the pension fund and make sure that its regulatory and actuarial provisions comply with the law. A classic audit of the financial security of a Pillar 2 institution is a closing date measurement, which we believe falls short of the target. We therefore include a detailed analysis of the pension fund’s risk capacity in our actuarial reports. This includes a profit and loss analysis and a review of the financing of the individual benefit components of the active insured persons and the risk experience for the portfolio of pensions. We also analyse the structure of the portfolio of insured persons and pensioners, the cash flow, the retrospective and prospective target returns and the stability of the pension fund.

Our actuarial reports also contain recommendations regarding the technical interest rate and other actuarial tables. We point out potential problems to our clients and present proposals for solutions.

Actuarial services pursuant to Art. 52e BVG

Calculation of pension capital and technical provisions

Preparation of actuarial balance sheets and reports

Preparation of investment and restructuring concepts

Recommendations regarding actuarial tables, technical interest rates and all related parameters (e.g. conversion rate)

Calculation of claims experience and insurance risks and proposals for covering and funding these risks

Drafting and review of regulations